Aortic Dissections
can be prevented

Take a look at our written resources, videos, studies, and more that can help you and your loved ones on your aortic health journey. Everything you’ll find is curated by experts in the field who’ve made it their mission to support aortic health.

Aorta Academy

When you’re interested in some more virtual learning, browse our videos on a variety of aortic topics.


Get all the answers to your frequently asked aorta questions (hence the extra ‘A’).

Advocacy and support is a key part of any aortic journey. You are not alone.

Host your own Fundraiser

Using our fundraising toolkit, you will have everything you need to host a successful and informative fundraiser to help your community learn about aortic awareness.

Caring for Your Mental Health

Individuals who have experienced aortic dissection or who are at risk of aortic dissection often experience diverse emotional reactions due to their health status. Studies have reported up to about 1/3 of patients experience isolation, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder during their journey with aortic disease.