Peer Support

Are you facing a new diagnosis or simply want to connect with someone who has walked a similar path? Aorta Advocates are trained volunteers with personal experience in aortic aneurysm and dissection. They’re here to guide you on your journey, offering resources, information, and a unique connection based on shared experiences.

Whether you’re an aortic patient, a caregiver, at risk due to a genetic condition, or have lost a loved one to aortic dissection, The John Ritter Foundation can connect you with a peer who understands. You are not alone!

Three photos in a gallary. Four people seated at a picnic table talking and smiling. A rock with names of people who lost their lives to aortic dissection painted on it. Two women chatting on a bench.

Our Aorta Advocates, range from ages 18 to 65+ and bring diverse life and aortic experiences. Connect over video, phone, or email when it works for your schedule.

Learn, share, and connect around topics including:

  • New diagnosis or upcoming surgery
  • Grief and sudden loss
  • Genetic testing and counseling resources
  • Finding a care team you can trust
  • Living a full and active life after diagnosis
  • Pregnancy, parenting, decisions about family planning
  • And more…