Dr. Milewicz speaks on the tragic death of Grant Wahl

December 2022

Dr. Dianna Milewicz is the longtime chair of the John Ritter Foundation Professional Advisory Board. Last week she had the opportunity to speak on FOX26 (Houston) news.

View here –> https://bit.ly/JRFNews

Importantly she emphasized that if people at risk can be identified in advance, most dissections can be prevented. This is why the JRF has been funding research to identify all of the genetic triggers for thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection for over a decade. We know this will save lives and prevent dissections.

*Please note that the anuerysm symptoms displayed on screen at the 2:35 mark are incorrect. As Dr. Milewicz says, typically aneurysms will have NO symptoms until they dissection. Dissection symptoms include sudden severe chest or upper back pain, fainting, stroke symptoms, sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure.*