Aorta Academy

Postmortem Genetic Testing in Aortic Disease

Aortic dissection is a serious and often fatal condition that affects thousands of individuals each year. While advances in medical treatment and surgery have improved outcomes for patients with aortic dissection, tragically too many lives are lost to this condition each year. Postmortem genetic testing has emerged as a powerful tool for investigating the genetic causes of aortic dissection, helping loved ones better understand their loved one’s cause of death and provide knowledge to prevent other at-risk relatives from suffering a dissection.

In this webinar, genetic counselor Lisa Castillo discusses the role of postmortem genetic testing in understanding aortic dissection. Lisa explains what postmortem genetic testing is, how it works, and how it can provide valuable information for patients and their families. She also discusses the potential benefits and limitations of postmortem genetic testing, as well as what patients and their families can expect from the testing process and answer questions from the audience.