Aorta Academy

John Ritter Research Program FAQ

Learn what is means to participate in research and hear answers to our most frequently asked questions! You can reach the John Ritter Research Program at!

0:00 What is the purpose of genetic research?
1:57 Who is eligible to participate in the John Ritter Research Program?
4:41 How are clinical testing and research related? Why do I need to do both?
6:44 What sort of results should I expect? How long will it take?
8:17 Why can it take such a long time to get answers from research?
12:54 How does genetic research differ from clinical genetic testing or ancestry testing?
16:45 Can you tell me if I am negative for the known genetic causes of aortic disease?
18:56 Can research results effect my health care?
20:49 Can research results effect my health or life insurance?
23:32 How does participating in genetic research benefit me?
24:44 How is my privacy protected if I take part in this research?
25:57 Is it possible the genetic cause of aortic disease in my family will not be found?